A Trip To Remember

Join DFT as we tour Tuscany with a trusted travel partner. You can rest assured that every hotel, meal, and excursion has been hand selected by me, Kristen Ewy, a former resident of Florence, and experienced travel guru. 

Having lived in Italy, I have endeavored to create a trip of a lifetime for you, but I can assure you one taste will never be enough! Our time in Italy includes all of my favorite things; cooking, wine, cobblestones, cheese, history, exploration, and best of all memories with great friends. 

Come as strangers and leave as friends! As an experienced group travel leader, I look forward to hosting you through Italy, and I can assure you that you won't find a trip like this anywhere else!

Full Free Day to Explore Italy

Unlike most guided tours, you'll work with your personal travel agent to make sure that the MOST IMPORTANT thing for you to experience in Italy is included. Because of our central location (and our experience with guided tours), we've included a day in the middle that is completely open. This day is yours to plan as you wish.

Should you choose to take a day trip to Rome, Cinque Terre, Bologna, or Milan, a truffle hunting excursion, additional cooking class, art galleries, winery visits, the Eataly experience, WWII history; you name it and your dedicated DFT agent will ensure that your day is spent how YOU want it. You could even spend the day overlooking the Arno and enjoy bottle after bottle of wine while nibbling on fresh olives, bread, pizza, and gelato. The choice is 100% yours.