Travel has always been food for my soul and mind.

Travel has broadened every aspect of my life. As a child, my parents made sure that we traveled and experienced the world. My most fond childhood memories come from travel. As an adult, travel continues to be an important aspect of my life especially shared travel experiences with family and friends. It brings me great joy to share my love of travel with others and look forward to working with you to bring you that same joy and amazing experiences.


Flights get canceled; it’s an inherent part of travel. Sometimes it’s just one flight due to a labor shortage, other times it’s hundreds of flights after a computer malfunction. When it happens to you, what should you do first?

If we booked your flight, then our first call should be to us. We’ll handle not only rebooking your flight, but we can also notify any airport transportation services and hotels we might have booked for you at your final destination. We can also get you into a nearby hotel if you need to stay overnight.

If you booked the flight on your own, it’s wise to act fast when your flight is canceled. If you’re at the airport, find the airline’s service desk and join the queue that’s surely gathering there. While in line, quickly find and review the airline’s cancellation policy to make sure you know what you’re entitled to. The Department of Transportation requires airlines to provide a full refund in many cases.

While you wait, you can also contact an airline representative via phone or social media to rebook your flight quickly. Pro tip: most people will call the airline’s U.S.-based number, so find an international number for your airline in Canada, Mexico or England to possibly reach an agent sooner. They’re all working with the same reservation system, so international agents can assist you just as well as the agents at the desk.

If the line is too long, look for a self-service kiosk to scan your boarding pass. Many kiosks have the functionality to switch your flight then and there. The quicker you handle this problem, the faster you can secure new seats and keep your vacation on track.

  • We are dedicated to you and finding you the right destination and experiences for your travels. Traveling is unique to each person, family and group. We take the time to listen and learn about what you want from your travels and then use our expertise, experience and knowledge to find just the right fit for you!
  • We can assist and advise you with all your travel needs: finding the right destination, flights, accommodations, transportation as well as tours and experiences. 
  • Unlike impersonal on-line booking websites, we are personally invested in ensuring that your travels are all that you want and need them to be.
  • We spend hours gaining expertise, knowledge and first-hand experience that can take your travels to the next level.
  • We are not loyal to certain brands or resort/hotel chains. Our focus is learning about and then finding you the best options for your travels!